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Delivering excellence worldwide…

Where the demand for real-time accurate data is high, our technology is leading the way in today’s busy international marketplace…

Purchase Order

Our state of the art IT in house commercial system allows you to track the movement and monitor the status of your Purchase Orders from the moment they are placed on your suppliers to the moment they are delivered.

There is no expensive software to purchase.

Our Purchase Order Management System is specifically designed to make it easier for YOU to conduct international business. Instant access via the internet to the latest shipment and order information plus downloadable images of all related documents for your easy reference.

As standard, our system provides a colour-coded snapshot of the progress of orders. It takes customer service personnel a moment to notice if an order requires attention. A business logic component allows users to set up their own communication and follow-up parameters. There is no need for users to change the parameters within which they operate. They just have to be prepared for a faster, and more accurate, information flow than they are currently used to.

To ensure a safer environment for your system and to protect ours, RIF Worldwide Plc has implemented high level Firewalls throughout our server network and upgraded to bank level encryption.

All users who require access to these services must do so by using approved software and Internet gateways.

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