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Delivering excellence worldwide…

At RIF Worldwide, we have nothing to hide and believe in letting our customers know exactly how they are spending their money…

Your Landed Costs Reports

Due to the nature of the work we undertake, RIF Worldwide Plc is party to a raft of sensitive information concerning clients commercial transactions – purchase/sale prices, suppliers, customers, duties paid, unit prices, frequency of transactions, etc. We have developed a suite of reports that can be fully tailored to include whatever information you require.

Our reports are made specifically to be helpful for all members of companies from shipping departments to managing directors and purchasing departments to financial directors. Our reports can even be made to help stock control and warehousing methods.

 • Your choice of frequency (weekly, monthly)

• Provision in format of your choice (email-via Microsoft Word, Excel, fax, hardcopy, etc)

• ‘Breakdown’ of various charges fields to your specifics (Customs Clearance, Airline Handling, Duty, VAT, Import Freight Costs)

• Graphs / chart of your choice for presentations or to match your current format

At RIF Worldwide Plc, we have nothing to hide and truly believe in letting our clients know exactly how they are spending their money so that where possible, service and cost reviews may be instigated. Clients often find the provision of statistical reports via Microsoft Excel enables them to ‘cut and paste’ figures into larger reporting structures they are responsible for.

Our reports benefit clients by:-

A) Highlighting areas of significant spend

B) Allowing for easy ‘landed cost’ calculations

C) Saving time previously dedicated to searching old job files for figures

D) Providing ‘measurable’ performance guidelines

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